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Funded Advocacy Services

We offer free advocacy services for Lancashire residents who are looking for support with Personal Independent Payment (PIP) and/or Work Capability assessments (WCA), PIP and WCA Appeal Tribunals or Subject Access Requests (SARs) for medical or social care information.

Our independent Advocates are clear and honest about what we can and cannot do. We will ensure that you can talk to your advocate either in person in a public place, over the phone or virtually.

Benefit Assessments
ICANN Advocates provide information about what to expect and the process you will go through when you have a PIP or WCA health assessment.

We tailor our support to your needs and may include a pre-assessment meeting to ensure you have all the information you require to help you to speak up for yourself. We will support you at the assessment with you either in person, over the phone or virtually. We will signpost you to other organisations if we identify any further support which you may need.

Benefit Appeal Tribunals

Our advocates will help you to understand the PIP and WCA appeals process and what to expect. We will offer you support prior to and during the tribunal either in person, over the telephone or virtually to ensure that other people treat you fairly and with respect.

Subject Access Requests (SARs) for Medical or Social Care Records

Our independent advocates will help you to make a Subject Access Request to enable you access the information or evidence you need for a PIP or WCA claim or appeal tribunal.

Community Connections

The ICANN Community Connections project is a volunteer led befriending service that aims to support lonely, isolated people across Lancashire to get back out and engage with their local community following the pandemic.

You will be matched with an ICANN buddy in your area who will meet with you, find out about your interests, and encourage you to participate in your chosen activity with their support. The ICANN buddy will accompany you, if required.

Financial Inclusion

ICANN’s Financial Inclusion Project supports Preston residents who need help to improve their financial literacy and capability. This will include support to increase income and reduce outgoings.

You may struggle with IT, not have access to technology, lack financial knowledge, struggle to deal with money matters, find access to cheaper finance via credit unions, need help with budgeting support and may have debt issues etc.

Private Advocacy Services

We offer a range of private advocacy services; these are chargeable services and are available to individuals or organisations who live inside or outside Lancashire who are looking for support in any of the following areas:

Instructed one to one Advocacy
One to one advocacy is available to individuals who can make their own decisions but would like some independent support to resolve an issue/s e.g., a social care package issue, liaise with health or social care professionals, assist with personal budgets or continuing health care decisions etc.
Non-Instructed Advocacy

We offer specialist advocacy support for individuals are unable to make decisions for themselves, e.g., lack capacity, suffer with dementia/Alzheimer’s, have a learning disability etc.

We are an independent service and will work with you and the person who referred you to look at what is in your best interests as you are unable to give a clear indication of your views or wishes in a given situation. Our advocates will ensure that your rights are protected, that you continue to feel that you are involved in the decision-making process and your choices are represented.

These services include advocacy support for Legal, Health and Social Care Professionals, individuals or families experiencing challenges associated with –


Dementia care

Acquired Brain Injury

Learning Disabilities

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Family Advocacy

We provide professional advocacy support to you and your family and children who are involved in the child protection process formal review meeting or family court hearing. Our advocates will liaise with you and your social worker to ensure that you are fully aware of the processes involved and we will keep you informed of what is happening.

Supporting Advocacy through Training and Education

We believe in the value of advocacy awareness; advocacy can help people to take control of their lives providing practical knowledge and skills to overcome issues,– sentence not finished – listened to and treated with dignity and respect.

Digital Download Guides

Knowledge is power

We offer a range of digital payable download guides to help you understand the process when applying for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or Employment Support Allowance (ESA)/ Universal Credit (UC).

Community Support

Our mission is to place advocacy at the heart of the community, to ensure all voices are heard, all views are understood, and all choices are considered.

Advocacy benefits both individuals and the community, providing information, support, and services to help make choices and ensure the voice of the community is heard.

Peer and Self Advocacy

We believe Peer and Self Advocacy are core elements of a healthy community. Being able to self-advocate encourages problem solving, empowers individuals and creates independence. While Peer Advocacy encourages individuals to speak out on behalf of others.

We support the local community through volunteering and befriending programmes – don’t currently have any befriending programmes as well as working in partnership with organisations to deliver focus groups.

Digital Download Guides

ICANN care about and are invested in the well-being of our community and its future. We believe Peer and Self Advocacy are core elements of a healthy community and the ability to self-advocate encourages problem solving, empowers individuals and creates independence.

Sharing information with family, friends or colleagues in your local community helps us to raise awareness of both the charity and the positive benefits that advocacy support can bring to the lives of others.

ICANN have developed some digital resources which are now available for a small fee, these can help individuals with the application process for PIP and ESA benefits and offer support with formal assessments or tribunals.

Our self-help guides are compiled by our expert advocacy team from a variety of sources including content from DWP, Gov.UK, Citizens Advice, NAWRA, Daily Record, Benefits & Work, Child Poverty Action Group, IAS.


Our Self-Help Guides

They cost from £4.99 each and all funds raised help us to help more people and grow the range of support guides available – for more information please click the button below:

Please Note: There are no refunds on our digital downloads – if you are unable to access the download after paying, please let us know and we will send it to you via e-mail.