Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s Story

Sarah was referred to the ICANN by a local service for support with her DWP assessment. Sarah had previously suffered a nervous breakdown and was continuing to experience symptoms of severe anxiety and depression. Recently, Sarah had attempted to take her own life.


Why advocacy support?

As a highly vulnerable person, Sarah may have found the DWP assessment process particularly distressing and confusing without support.

Experienced ICANN advocates can support individuals who find assessments particularly distressing or confusing due to their mental health difficulties. Advocates offer their support to those who may not fully understand the assessment process, questions asked or go off topic and talk about unrelated issues.


How did we help

Sarah was supported at the assessment to ensure that she fully understood the questions asked, was prompted, when required, when she forgot important information about her mental health and how it affected her daily life.

Sarah had an advocate, who she trusted, by her side to give her confidence and reassurance to know that she was being listened to. Sarah had a successful outcome to her assessment and continued to receive her benefit.


“I was so grateful for ICANN’s support. I was not in a good place, and they helped me through the assessment. I could not have gone to the assessment if I did not have my advocate with me.” – Sarah


Our perspective 

As an advocacy organisation, we work with vulnerable people in the community to provide accessible advocacy support. Our services not only provide moral and emotional support but also help individuals to understand and participate in the assessment process.

Advocacy has a positive impact on the lives of others. However, our experience also helps us to recognise and raise awareness of the significant negative impact that a lack of support or an unsuccessful claim can have on mental health.


“Having an advocate helps vulnerable people, particularly those with mental health issues, to understand the assessment process. This helps to alleviate the stress and anxiety that they are feeling. Without support, Sarah’s mental health may have deteriorated further and reached crisis point.” – ICANN

How can we help?

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