Abraham’s Story

Abraham’s Story

Abraham is an asylum seeker, who has been trying to trace his family for some time. The Red Cross maintained contact with Abraham supporting him as he struggled with being separated from and not knowing the whereabouts or the wellbeing of his family. They made a referral to ICANN for the Telephone Befriending Service. Abraham was lonely and socially isolated and in need of some companionship.

As a result of contracting polio as a child, Abraham is a wheelchair-user. He was receiving ongoing medical and psychological support from his doctor and carers who assisted with his daily needs following frequent episodes of hospitalisation over the last couple of years.

In 2020, Abraham was relocated by the Home Office to a small town in Lancashire where he had little support, few contacts and was at risk of social isolation.


Why advocacy support?

During the pandemic in 2020, ICANN applied for funding and set up a telephone befriending service to respond to the challenges of loneliness and isolation. The service supported individuals in Lancashire who didn’t have anyone to talk to regularly or were unable to get out due to Coronavirus restrictions.


How did we help

The Telephone Befriending Service supported Abraham with weekly calls, liaison with local churches for support, referrals to a mental health helpline and The Samaritans. We helped make weekly appointments for Abraham to access further emotional support from the Help Hub.

Abraham received help with transport, food donations, email, and internet access, and he improved his language skills. The support services worked together to raise funds for a more suitable wheelchair for Abraham.

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Abraham got the best news when he was told that his close family were located safe and well.

Early in 2022 the Home Office relocated Abraham to the city where he could be close to members of his home community and access the services he needed. This gave him great comfort and happiness. Abraham hopes to be reunited with his family in the future.


Our perspective 

ICANN helped Abraham at a time when he needed it the most. By helping him he felt that he was not alone. ICANN empowered him to make positive progress with his own journey.

The real value of what ICANN do is in our professional relationships, both in building relationships with our clients and the positive connections we are able to make with local organisations to provide support

How can we help?

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